Today is a great day;it time to get awesomeness,great,and crunk for SPONGEBOB's BIRTHDAY! We can celebrate all day long until Friday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and good luck and p.s we can celebrate. OKAY, THAT'S enough for his party and don't worry we can celebrate his party on 2012. TAKE CARE!


Happy Birthday SpongeBob By Black Eyed PeasEdit


Oh... all his years! All his years... U can't wait for special and get crunk;okay, i will sing it... for u u u.

[Fergie & Taboo]

Happy 2x Happy 3x. Happppy.


Yo, u treat us like great us! I will give u something u will like it. And YEAH!

[, Fergie, & Apl-De-Ap]

Happy 2x. Happy 3x. Happy 4x. HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!


Be great. Cool some. And drop.


It's all big big day. And i will make u're day awesomeness.

[, Fergie, Apl-De-Ap, & Taboo]



Happy Birthday SBSP.


Birthday ShortEdit


So, Gary;remind me i will wear for my party.




Good luck, i will be the DJ and yeah, thanks.



The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water in 3D Feb. 6, 2015

Movie Sequel Short


Huh, Ohh, a letter (read the letter for the movie sequel)!

Whooooo, yes, haha, I got this letter by Antonio Banderas!

Gary, look! Antonio Banderas will be featured in my movie!

I gonna look good.



A Song For The Movie Sequel

Get Ready by Pitbull ft. Pharrell and Miley Cyrus

(Intro: Pitbull)

Mr. Worldwide, spongebob!

Miley, let's take over this party!


(Hook: Miley Cyrus)

Lah dee lah dee

We like to get a move on

Work is impossible

Party later

This is our rules

Tell us about yall dont give a what

You better get


Get ready 3x

(Verse 1: Pitbull)

Report live at Mr. Squarepants Dancefloor

We everyone love to party like hip hip hooray

Another dope boy I will never be

I am not a hustler

Imma cartoon fan

Shout out to all shows been filmed very long what what time

Girl, what are ya singing

I hope you sing about me like you're Rihanna and I'm John Legend

Don't worry bout it

Let's get ready for be famous


(Beat Break)

(Verse 2: Pharrell)

My love so attractive to you

I wanna pull the box and put the ring on your finger

Then, you make me happy

Clap along if ya wanna give me a sex looks

Y'all fans, do not these motherf###### does

(Hook 3x)

(Bridge 8x: Miley Cyrus and Pitbull)

Miley: It's come the time again

Pitbull: We always do is party


(Outro: Pitbull)

Know what, yall should undercover this ish


Next Adventure by Usher



Rico, let the music slide

I need this for my wife

Do not bother

Usher, baby

Turn the lights on


Baby, what you doin

You really busy to call all your fans

It's nice for uuuuu but yeah I will never dump you something like this before

Well, remember my song U Got It Bad, you always walk away from me

Noo, I need you forever but let's get set up tha whole film before the last minute comes

I am not Lil Wayne does all stupid negative crap

It's why, these artists get in trouble

So, what the hell are we gonna do with the script

Turn it new and make it better

But, I will never rip all your scripts anyway but you're my favorite

So, what a silly b####

Ooh, aww

Watch this


Girl, you need another chapter

Another chapter

Baby, let's get it over with

What I say

You got another chapter

Let's get it over with

Be thru




Oh, wow

That is better

I dunno gonna say

But you're amazing

Well, crap

It take some time to write

Let's film it


Movie Sequel Short


You know what, pals!

It's something.


Yes. So, were doing a good job to meet new cast of famous people.


Famous, I love to be famous and thanks spongebob and it is awesome and I tweet this to my friends.


Yeah, but we need few more filming and then, movie sequel release.


Good for Squidward, it's good to focus.

(Miley Cyrus)

What's tweeting?


Squidward just tweeted.

(Miley Cyrus)

Oh, nice.



(Mr. Krabs)

Look, Slash let Sandy to perform.

(Spongebob Patrick & Squidward)

Wow, move, move, MOVE...

(Gordon Ramsey)

It's bleep excuse me.


Sorry, haha, go singers.

Movie Sequel Short


So, Gary, what vacation we should go.




Real world, hmm, aha, good one and let's check it out first.

Ok, uh huh, wow, ok, Gary, let's go to get have some fun.


Meow 3x...


I heard that, watch your language.

(Gordon Ramsey)

Oh bleep, you cant be serious, spongebob squarepants and Gary came and yall, come to my restaurant.


Hmm, it taste like tha krabby patty but plankton will never get the Ramsey formula this time


May I get your autograph for my wife beyonce.


Sure, haha, best vacation ever.


Spongebob, I just try to find you to go jellyfishing and ahhh, people...


Oh well, fans, see my movie sequel in February 6, 2015 haha so awesome.

Movie Sequel Short


Hey, Patrick, what are ya doing?


Oh, hey! I found this map to lead New kelp city. I wanna go back by one time you forgot everything, haha...


Ehh, don't rub it in, Patrick and I think it's not New kelp city, let's run for it...




I try to ask where did we find a good burger from and oh well, we will watching, arrggh.


Ooh, finally, this is the moment to get rid of krabs and steal the formula... haha...


Eww, a crazy bug booger.



Movie Sequel Short


Arrgh, where can I get to the slash concert, I wanna kidnapped him so much and this time, make it slash Jack in this ship. Hey you, yeah you.


Who are you.


This is the rude pirates of the ship and I'm alameda Jack the captain and u and us, yellow one. Join us.


No way, you will never make me, never and I dunno what yall doin now but it's probably something suspicious and ooh, I get my war a big war with more friends.


You're on, yellow prick. Damn, time for rock n roll.

Never Forget About Us by Jay-Z ft. Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Eminem, Nas, and Ne-Yo

(Intro: Timbaland)

Uh huh 3x, cartoons time

(Hook: Justin Timberlake & Ne-Yo)

You will find the way to know me that well

This you're moment

Let's get the

New story, begin

(Verse 1: Jay-Z)

Let's fly to the the favorite street 

So, where these losers cannot tease ya 

But, I gonna love the way you lie like were really in love

Swag on top never bottom, fella

Timbo is right, ya birds need to say sorry

If you don't, I will diss you and yo friends

Like why these n##### say sorry

          1. 3x, yeah like dat

But, this is spongebob squarepants movie sequel soundtrack

Never cuss on the CD

But, I kinda make magna Carta holy grail sequel 

Depends on mcs say

Rappin a lot

Need to retire after lil wayne, snoop dogg, and Chris Brown

Then, that hitta

Ocean 15


(Verse 2: Nas)

Gettin #### like I used to

Catch the fish, I still doin it

If rappers keep sayin like

I will murder you someday or b###### on my d###

Then, yall so crazy

Just hush up please

I'm tryna get last album and retire like this mc say

But, this ish need a more time

Turn Up once again

The club got more hyped

So, let's go to the cartoon place

Like yall wanna beggin so much 

Nasty Nas, yall


(Bridge: Justin Timberlake & Eminem)

Here we go again

This a next generation of the show

Tell me when you wanna f##k

Don't forget, about the show

(Outro: Timbaland)

Me and you

So hyped

Wow, let's get it

By a way, this is the

Next generation


Party All Time by Lil Jon ft. DJ Snake and PSY

(Intro: Lil Jon)

The Dancefloor so much awesomeness

Spongebob and Slash, mix the bass go higher

Let's rock n party

(Hook: PSY)

Party rock 6x, all my party fans

Get yo cups high

Party rock 6x, let's go hyper

(Beat Break)

(Turntable Mixing)

(Drum Roll)


(Guitar Solo)

(Verse: Lil Jon)

Hey, crunk still

Get too hyped but I know yall want of this

Cuz of the party anthem bout 2 get more turnt

But, my bae just already twerk my d###

Cause it's fun like she say

But, I still got her dance with me at a turntable 

I dance with her back

Were all party hard then

Ooh ooh, the party anthem so hyped ever


(Outro: Lil Jon)


Movie Sequel Short


Spongebob, if ya a DJ, what music you make.



(Disco Pop Music)


Like that, how to be a DJ, that will be awesome. And you.


Awesome actor.


Good luck, dumb bleep.

(Spongebob and Patrick)

Hey, we heard that...

(Mr. Krabs)

Unh, did u know that will be takin off your paycheck.


Bleep my life.

The Future by Lil Wayne




Try to rap good

Cut the music up



I don't what I doin

Do I still be a rapper or what

I need to pick my decision

I'm still be a rapper or other jobs

This is the chance

Sittin here in this corner

Readin the paper for what career is next

So, keep it g still depends on hustlers are

So, this, is, the

Future waiting 

Then, damn

(Beat Break)

(Hook 9x)


Yo, where the mic at

Haha, turn up

Movie Sequel Short


Orderrrrr uuuup........


Errr, aha, a good spot to relax.


Ooh, I think I got one and yah...


Ahhhhhhhh, huh, uh oh.

(Mr. Krabs)

Help, Mr. Squidward.


Krabs, hm, maybe took a good vacation.

Teaser Trailer

(Paramount Pictures logo)

(Nickelodeon Movies logo)

Narrator: Guess who is return to the big screen, he got yall fans to see it in 3D this time and so, he will be more funniest like one film before...


Ohh, ah, it just a crab.

Narrator: The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water...

Spongebob: OK, let go... Good, I will kick your --- at 3 pm.

(February 6, 2015 logo)

Ready for the Movie Sequel by Jay-Z 


Are ya ready, what

OK, yeah


Who will be return to the sequel

Spongebob Squarepants

Who will make us to see in


Party everywhere

Don't get too ---- up


Yeah 3x

Hov, Spongebob

Turn Up



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